Romain Berger’s images imagine a Stonewall-era perverted motel

We generate creative really works being offbeat, kitschy, colourful and gently provocative.

We boast of being a camp singer. In my opinion, camp is actually a thought that designates, among other things, a form of self-mockery enabling discreet gay men to have a good laugh on troubles of these condition in a homophobic community, all with artifice and exaggeration.

That’s why, voluntarily, I grab the clichés of gay culture and divert all of them, in order to highlight the world, just as much with its greatest like in the worst – ejection, superficiality, overconsumption, violence, dependency, sex, politics plus.


. Unit: Mickael


ith this series, I found myself impressed because of the Greenwich Village location, where the historic Stonewall Inn riots took place on Summer 28, 1969. These riots noted a robust and symbolic turning point for any queer fight additionally the battle for LGBTQ liberties.

For them, that bar was actually a spot of freedom. They certainly were able to check out their unique sexuality. Thus I imagined the spirit of a hotel in this location in those days – something somewhat unsanitary, poorly lit and certainly not very expensive.

Spots in which marginalised, excluded or designated individuals satisfy to indulge their unique fantasies and become the person they would like to be, without concealing. The politician just who is available in secret, the farm boy who allows himself end up being attracted by another man, the fetish regarding the man using pig’s mind, the man which gives themselves out for the restroom.

We made use of comfortable, damp colours to recapture the hot electricity of those views and produce something extremely sensuous and interesting.

When this resort had a reputation, it will be „Polly Dolly’s Motel”, the resort of options.