I Definitions.

Whenever in these Terms and Conditions the following expressions are used, they shall have the meaning as specified below.

  1. Website – an Internet site under the domain: globo.com.pl/ www.forumglobo.com.pl, run by Globo Multimedia Sp. z o.o. Sp. k, Nr KRS: 0000333160 ul. Gryfińska 104, 70-772 Szczecin, REGON: 320694489, NIP: 9552268076;
  2. Consumer – a physical person performing a legal act not directly related to this person’s economic activity or professional activity.
  • Cookie Files – short text files that constitute IT data, for browsing the Website content, stored on the User’s terminal device.
  • User Account – account set up by the User on the Website.

II General provisions.

  1. These Terms and Conditions define conditions for the provision of services via globo.com.pl/ www.forumglobo.com.pl, owned by Globo Multimedia Sp. z o.o. Sp. k, Nr KRS: 0000333160 ul. Gryfińska 104, 70-772 Szczecin, REGON: 320694489, NIP: 9552268076, hereinafter referred to as the Website.
  2. These Terms and Conditions have been formed on the basis of legal regulations binding in the Republic of Poland.
  3. These Terms and Conditions specify the rights and the responsibilities of the User, as well as the rights and the responsibilities of the Website as www.forumglobo.com.pl manager and operator.
  4. The User is given an unrestricted access to all functions provided on the Website upon accepting all provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

III Technical regulations concerning use of the Website.

  1. In order to use the Website, the User shall possess the following elements:
  • Computerised device with option of IT data transfer;
  • access to the Internet;
  • e-mail address.
  1. The Website collects information in form of HTTP cookie files, which are text files containing the identification number of the device used by the User.
  2. The User decides whether the cookie files shall be used. Web browsers often have cookie files installation enabled on the terminal device of the User, who may change these setting at any time.
  3. The Website informs, that in case where the Partner/the User refuses to use cookie files may affect functionalities available on the Website.
  4. Detailed information on the cookie files can be found in the Cookie Files Policy available at www.forumglobo.com.pl  …, which constitutes an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

IV Registration.

  1. Registration is not obligatory for browsing the Website contents.
  2. The User can use all functions on the Website after registering with use of a registration form available at http://www.forumglobo.pl/ucp.php?mode=register, in which the User provides personal details essential for activating the User Account and subsequent acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
  3. The password entered when logging in to the Website may contain letters, numerals and/or special characters. Each User receives different password, which may be changed at http://www.forumglobo.pl/ucp.php?i=profile&mode=reg_details by entering e-mail address and new password.
  4. User Accounts are established for free.
  5. The User shall not provide access to his/her login and/or password to any third party.
  6. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the User declares:

•  I hereby give my permission for the processing of my personal data provided in the registration form by the Website for the purpose of satisfactory performance of the contract/service obligations;

•  I hereby declare to have begun using services provided by the store of my own free will;

• I declare that I have taken note of the Terms and Conditions and that I accept all the provisions stated herein;

• I declare that all information provided in the registration form is true;

V Account activation.

1.2.The User may report an infringement by e-mail in which the nature of the infringement and the identity of the infringer shall be specified.

  • The User shall not provide codes to his/her User Account to any third party.
  • By browsing the Website contents the User agrees to respect the copyrights and rights pertaining to patents, inventions, trademarks, utility models and industrial designs of the Website.
  • An infringement of rules made by a User may be reported by clicking the “Breach” icon or via contact form available at www.forumglobo.com.pl.
  • The User shall provide true and valid information to the Service Provider.
  • The User may change his/her personal details and Account settings at www.forumglobo.com.pl.
  • The User may send messages to other Users when logged in.
  • The User may post and start his/her own threads.

XII Rights and obligations of the Website.

  1. The Website shall ensure proper functioning of the internet platform www.forumglobo.com.pl  at all times.
  2. The Website shall not be held responsible for the User’s illegal actions if unaware of the facts and circumstances of those actions.
  3. Should the Website become aware of any illegal actions made by the User on the Website, it shall call on the User to cease performing the above said actions immediately.
  4. Should the Website be aware of the User’s illegal actions and failed to act expeditiously to remove or disable these actions, it may be held liable.
  5. The Website shall provide the User with possible assistance concerning his/her queries posted on the forum.

XIII Protection of personal data.

1. The Administrator shall disclose personal data only to entities authorised by relevant provisions of law, with accordance to the terms and Conditions and binding rules of law.

  • The Administrator shall ensure that the data are securely stored.
  • Personal details and information from the Terms and Conditions shall be used by the Administrator for entering into, altering and termination of the agreement with the Partner, as well as for ensuring top quality of the services provided. To this end the Administrator processes the following data: e-mail address, User’s name, password…
  • The User has the right to access, modify or delete his/her personal data at any time. The User may exercise these rights by contacting the Administrator:
    via e-mail: globo@globo.com.pl or by post: Globo Multimedia Sp. z o.o. Sp. k, ul. Gryfińska 104, 70-772 Szczecin,
  1. The Administrator shall apply technical and organisational means to ensure data security, especially by protecting the data from unauthorised access.

XIV Complaints regulations.

  1. The User may apply any disruption in the functioning of the Website by sending an e-mail as specified at www.forumglobo.com.pl  …., providing the following information:
  • The User’s contact details;
  • Service type affected by the disruption;
  • Type of malfunction;
  • Date giving rise to the complaint;
  • The User’s claims;
  • The circumstances warrantying the complaint;
  • Requested method for removal of the alleged infringement (optional);

– in order to facilitate the complaint procedure.

2. The Website shall examine the complaint within 14 days of the date of claim, informing the User either of (a) dismissal of the complaint due to justified lack of grounds for acceptance (with justification), or of (b) complaint acceptance and the method that shall be applied in complaint processing.

3.Should no information on the complaint handling be included as specified above in section 2., the complaint is considered settled to the User’s advantage.

4. Should the complaint be accepted, the Website undertakes proceedings aims at executing the complaint immediately.

XV Withdrawal from services.

  1. The User has the right to withdraw from the services supplied electronically by the Website (the User Account) at any time without any additional costs and without notifications of reasons via e-mail.
  2. The Website may terminate the Agreement for the provision of Services within 7 of the date of request to cease infringements with immediate effect in case the User infringes provision of these Terms and Conditions, regulation pertaining to the use of services, i.a., providing access to the Website’s services to third parties for financial gain without the Website’s prior agreement.
  3. Cancellation and termination of the agreement does not infringe the User’s rights in any way.

XVI Final provisions.

  1. These Terms and Regulations are available at http://www.globo-multimedia.com/en/regulamin 
  2. The Website may amen the regulations of these Terms and Conditions upon informing the User of that intent by publishing a uniform text of the Terms and Conditions on the Website and by sending it at the e-mail address provided by the User. Altered or amended Terms and Conditions are binding after fulfilment of other conditions provided for under the law only in case of legal relationships arising once the changes or amendments come into force.
  3. Changes in the Terms and Conditions shall not infringe in any way the rights of the Users who have been using the Website prior to the day of entry into force of these changes.