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Software customization and technical support

In order to meet the ever increasing demands of cable operators GLOBO -MULTIMEDIA is offering a unique opportunity and is proud to offer dedicated software for DVB-C decoders.

A cable network bears amazing resemblance to a living organism. Each one is slightly different and each undergoes slight changes during the course of its functioning. We therefore believe, that an individual approach to every operator and the right support is absolutely essential.

All operators, regardless of their size and potential, can obtain personalized software without having to bear any extra expenses. Such software will be prepared by GLOBO – MULTIMEDIA after a relevant on-line form is duly filled by the operator. With the form correctly filled we can quickly and efficiently compile a dedicated software pack with personalized features such as:

Quick channel scanning using a NIT table

Method of channel sorting

Method of updating program offer

Parameters of OTA automatic software update

Adding the operator’s logo in the receiver’s menu

Other advanced features

Moreover, the software for GLOBO decoders is constantly being developed and further improved thanks to an invaluable contribution from our counterparties who provide us with their views, opinions and valuable suggestions.
New software versions are automatically sent to designated parties.

It may occur that changes to the broadcasting technology or the network’s expansion may influence the signal’s parameters in such a way that alterations to the software code may be necessary for the decoders to work properly. The flexibility of our solutions combined with professional technical support enable us to quickly and efficiently react to any such situation.

Finally, our devices are equipped with concealed functionalities which allow data gathering for subsequent analysis by our technical department. Among other features, recording of streams from the network is possible using XC2 or XC3 decoders.