Skymaster Power Strip - black

The Skymaster Power Strip introduces „Smart Home” solutions in a fast and easy way.

CloudReady -the cloud model makes all cloud-enabled home automation devices much easier to use. The traditional client-server systems make installation way too expensive and complicated. Cloud makes it all much easier.

Thanks to innovative Skymaster technology all home devices are at your fingertips. All you need to do is download the Android / iOS applications to your smartphone or mobile device and get wireless control of your home devices!

The Skymaster Power strip lets you measure and view both real-time power (Watts) and energy (kWh) usage of each appliance plugged into it, for the past day, week and month. The Power Strip helps uncover and understand the appliances and devices in your house that use the most energy.

Individual socket schedules – automatic schedule can be set to turn off the appliance and stop electrical consumption when an appliance is not in use. The schedule can start appliances in off-peak hours to take advantage of lower electrical pricing.

Smart Parenting – plug a game console or TV to the Skymaster Power Strip in children’s room, and you can decide when your children can play games or not. Parent can set countdown timer for the console or TV and remotely control it.

Socket Roles to avoid standby power waste – standby power, also called vampire power refers to the electric power consumed by appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode. The standby power is a significant and generally hidden cause of waste in most households. Some appliances only need to be on when another appliance is also turned on, such as a Blu-ray Player used with a TV. The Skymaster Power Strip allows users to assign „roles” to one socket as the „Master” and others as „Slave”. When the appliance powered by the „Master” socket goes into standby mode, the Power Strip senses the reduced amount of current flowing and turns the „Slave” sockets off. Conversely, when the device powered by the „Master” socket is turned on, the Power Strip turns on the „Slave” sockets.

Main Features:

Cloud Ready

Turn your electronic devices on/off from anywhere in the world.

Power Meter

Measure power load by overall or individual socket(s) in real time.


Schedule to turn on/off the appliance.

6 Scokets

6 Socket work independently.

5V/2.1A USB

Extra USB port for convenient power charging.


Showing how much energy your electronics are used.


The master socket can turn on/off the slave socket(s).

Extra LAN Port

LAN port signal extension.

Features / files:

Comming soon
Comming soon