HOOLA Carbon

HOOLA Carbon is the lightest electric scooter on the market. It’s modern device dedicated for children and teenagers. It’s ideal as a toy as well as an eco friendly mode of transport.

HOOLA Carbon means speed and comfort in everyday commuting.

The device is foldable and thus easy to store at home or in the office. Being lightweight makes it easy to transport on the bus or tram.

500 W motor allows to travel at up to 23 km/h and electronic and mechanical brakes increases safety.

Main features:

Range up to 22 - 30km

Charging time 3 - 6 hours

Carbon fiber frame

Motor: 500 W

Weight: 6.8 / 7.2kg

Max load: up to 23 km/h (depending on the load)

Hill climbing ability: up to 15 deg

  • Power supply: 24V;
  • 3 gears;
  • Wheel size: 5.5 inches;
  • Brakes: electronic and mechanical;
  • Carbon fiber frame;
  • Max load: 125kg;
  • Electric, brushless motor;
  • LCD display: speed, distance, time, battery level;
  • Package dimensions: 103 x 18 x 24.5cm;
  • Dimensions unfolded: 92 x 40.5 x 100cm;
  • Dimensions folded: 100 x 40.5 x 23.5cm;

Features / files:

Comming soon

Comming soon