OPTICUM BLUE HD S60 N3 is a modern, user friendly and portable receiver of free satellite television channels.

Highly functional and handy at the same time. A possibility of powering via 12V adapter (car lighter) makes the unit ideal as a travel or a camping device.

Equipping the receiver with the EASY FIND feature allows to ideally point the satellite antenna without having to use a compass, other devices or aid from anyone else. In order to use this feature a special LNB converter is required (device at the tip of the antenna’s support arm), which allows the user to determine the strength of the satellite signal by means of an indicator LED (yellow – weak, blinking green – moderate, green – strongest signal). This easy and efficient way of directing the antenna ensures that best possible reception is achieved every single time.

Built in SCART slot allows the receiver to be used with older television sets while presence of HDMI provides very high sound and picture quality.

Compact design and aesthetic appearance were achieved by using the highest grade materials. Placement of the USB 2.0 slot at the front of the unit makes it even more convenient to use and is an additional advantage.

Main features:

Full HD

Crystal clear sound and sharp image.

Electronic Program Guide

Multi - language.

Parental Lock

Parental lock for channels and menu.

Low power consumption

Receiver requires less than 0.5W in Stand-by mode, which translates directly to lower costs of operation.

Easy Find Feature

Easy and convenient way of properly directing the satellite antenna.

  • Fully compliant with SD / HD.
  • Video resolution Full HD 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p oraz 480i.
  • MPEG4/H.264 hardware decoding.
  • Aspect ratio auto adjustment 4:3, 16:9.
  • Customizable automatic stand-by mode.
  • USB 2.0 port.
  • Fast channel switching.
  • Edit / Create own channel lists.
  • Subtitle support.
  • Teletext support.
  • Multi-language OSD.
  • 4 digit LED display.

Features / files: