GLOBO XC2 is a modern and an advanced decoder aimed for receiving digital television within cable networks.

A built-in Smart Card reader provides support for one of the following conditional access systems: Conax, Cryptoguard, Griffin, Crypton, Xcrypt, DVCRypt, CerberCrypt, Abel.

The receiver features high functionality and a compact interface which both make it one of the most attractive units in this price segment.

Connection of an external memory storage device allows to expand the receiver’s functionality even further by enabling recording (PVR Ready) and Timeshift features.

The receiver provides many features dedicated to cable network providers such as OTA software update by cable, channel sorting according to LCN, LCN monitor for keeping track of changes in offered TV packages, night scan and an intuitive menu.

GLOBO XC2 is explicitly designed with an effort to ease the provider’s work as much as possible and maximally improve user’s satisfaction.

GLOBO HS XC2 received a good mark in tests performed by a prestigious, german SATVISION magazine.

Main features:

Low power consumption

Receiver requires less than 1W in Stand-by mode, which translates directly to lower costs of operation.

Energy efficiency

Automatic transition to Stand-by mode after beeing idle for 3 hours, feature designed explicitly with energy saving in mind.

Electronic Program Guide

Parental Lock

Parental Lock for channels and menu.


Device features a 4 digit LED display.

Recording and Time Shift

PVR Ready - allows recording to an external USB drive.
Supports pausing and rewinding.

  • One Smart Card slot – Conax system.
  • Support of CAS Conax, Cryptoguard, Griffin, Crypton, Xcrypt, DVCRypt, CerberCrypt, Abel.
  • Support of SD/HD (MPEG2 / MPEG4 H.264), DVB-C system.
  • USB connector compliant with USB 2.0 standard.
  • Software update by USB, OTA SSU.
  • Quick channel sorting using NIT table.
  • Automatic channel sorting: LCN monitor / night scan.
  • Channel sorting according to LCN / SDT.
  • Digital audio output S/PDIF – coaxial.
  • High resolution video output – HDMI.
  • Supported video resolutions – 576p, 720p, 1080i, Full HD 1080p.
  • HDCP protection for HDMI – version with HDCP keys.
  • Teletext support.
  • Subtitle support – Teletext and DVB.
  • Build-in Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) decoder (downmix to stereo).
  • Color – black.

Features / files:

Technical specification

Ali M3601S
Speed: 400MHz dual core
Flash: 4 MB

Cable receiver options

Type: F-Type
Standard: IEC 169-24
Gender: female
Standard: IEC 169-2
Gender: male
From: 48 MHz
To: 862 MHz
Value: 75Ω
Type: unbalanced
From: -65 dbmV
To: -25 dbmV
From: 1 Ms/s
To: 7 Ms/s

MPEG transport stream A/V decoding

MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818-1
MPEG-4 ISO/IEC 14496-1
MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HP@L4
4:3 Letter Box
4:3 Pan Scan
720*576 [PAL] 720*480 [NTSC] 1920*1080i
MPEG/MusiCam Layer 1
MPEG/MusiCam Layer 2
Dolby AC-3
Join Stereo
32 kHz
44,1 khz
48 kHz

Front panel

Type: Numerical
Digits: 4
Quantity: 3
Type: Micro Switch
Card reader: 1
Common interface: 0
Usb host slot: 1
Usb type: 2.0

Rear panel

Video CVBS output: OK
Video RGB output: OK
Video YPbPr output: –
Audio R/L output: OK
USB Host Slot: 1
USB Type: 2.0
HDMI Slots: 1
Type: A
Version: 1.3

Power supply

Type: AC 50/60 Hz
From: 100 V
To: 250 V
Type: SMPS
Power consumption: 7 W max.
Standby power consumption: 0,7 W max.
Separate Internal Fuse: OK
Lightning Protection: OK

Physical specification

Width: 175 mm
Height: 35 mm
Depth: 110 mm
Weight (netto): 0,7 kg
From: 5 °C
To: 40 °C
From: -5 °C
To: 65 °C

Manuals / information booklets


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