Professional and high performance indoor antenna for receiving digital terrestrial television – DVB-T UHF and VHF.

Has a very elegant appearance and a simplistic design which make it ideally fit into almost any interior.

The antenna received a good mark in tests performed by a prestigious, german SATVISION magazine.

Main features:

Power supply: 5V from the receiver

For indoor usage

Panel construction - elegant appearance

  • Power supply: 5V from the receiver.
  • Frequency Range: FM:87-108MHz, VHF: 174-230MHz, UHF: 470-862MHz.
  • Gain: 14dB for 5V.
  • Output Impedance: 75Ω.
  • Antenna Gain: 6dB.
  • Sensitivity: 20dB.
  • Self Noise: 2.8dB.
  • Power consumption: 5V – 38mA max.
  • Power consumption: 12V – 12mA max.

Features / files:

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