GL 1000+ VHF

A professional, high performance outdoor antenna for receiving DVB-T UHF and VHF signal.

Has a light and durable structure and is water / low temperature proof and UV resistant.

Designed to allow the booms to fold flat in order to make the correct setting of the antenna easier, and the reflectors to detach to facilitate easy storage and transportation.

Main features:


UV resistant

Folding construction

Capable of receiving VHF signal

  • VHF Support.
  • For outdoor usage – waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Ideal for fringe reception areas.
  • Tilting mast bracket for easy adjustment.
  • UHD & Full HD for High Definition TV.
  • Booms fold flat and reflectors detach for easy storage/
  • Impedance: 75Ω.
  • Connection: F-type.
  • Forward Gain: 16.5dB.
  • Length 1.25m.

Features / files:

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