About us

Skymaster has 38 years experience in the field of innovative technology, consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunication.

We have been present on the European markets for many years. We are a leader in DVBT, DVBS, DVBC and IPTV receivers sales. We also operate in the television and audio – video accessories segment. We are also proud to have introduced our latest line of products – WHEELS).

We are at the forefront of companies which set new trend in the field of innovative technology, consumer electronics and information technologies.

Skymaster’s strength is based on creativity and innovation of applied solutions.

• We use and combine the latest technologies.
• Thanks to our own R&D department we set new trends in consumer electronics.
• We provide highest quality at a reasonable price.
• Our brand is known and widely recognized around Europe.
• We have years of experience on European markets.
• Our products are assembled in the EU.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services which combine ease of use, simplicity yet remain advances solutions for home and business.

We believe that innovative solutions should be available to everyone and should be utilized in everyday life. They should be the source of joy, positive emotions and meet the demands of our customers.

It is essential that every client receives high quality products tailored to his needs and at a reasonable price every single time.